Click Beetle

clickbeetleheadClick Beetle plays fresh and original tunes, blowing hot and cool and covering a range of styles and genres – blues and calypsos, jazz, ballads and dance numbers – with an unusual, light-footed line-up of trombone, guitar and drums.

Drummer Paul Hookham and guitarist Ayo Akintonwa are modest, even shadowy figures, whose biographies are still being concocted. The trombonist has furnished the tunes.

Celebratory poem: CLICK

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Tunes performed so far (November 2019) include:

Big Leg, Blue Lemon, Blues at Sea, Bukowski Blues, Calthorpe Calypso, Cater Canter, Cold Story, Drift, Drinking in the Dark, Going West, Grind, Hackney Wit, Hull Truck Trot, Humber Number, Jak, Jay, Jot, Kurt’s Works, La Cocarde, Lobster, Louis, Lucky Stroke, Meknes, Mickey Fun, Mitch, Newington Butts, One Fine Day, One for the Road, Pearson Poke, Red Lion Ramble, Redriff, Rum Bar Rumba, Rupack, Shack Time, Shimmy, Slidewalk, Slip & Tackle, So You Say, South of the River, Spring Bank Swing, Stepney Grin, Still, Stout, Stutt’s Strut, The Old Delusion, Wilf’s Waltz.

There’s about 100 more impatiently waiting in the stockpile.