Better Late Than Sorry

Finally, after all these years, a collection of poems has emerged. There are more than 180 in there, jostling and nudging each other, muttering oaths or greetings, hoping to share their helpings of sense and nonsense.

Better Late Than Sorry will help us all get a few things straight:

  • how to use a pencil
  • what to look for at the seaside
  • how to watch TV
  • what beer can do for you
  • how to look on the bright side
  • how to be less stupid
  • what use is a trombone
  • what to do on underground trains
  • how to measure wind
  • what spoons can do for you
  • how to enjoy poetry
  • what are those insects doing?

In May 2021, the pocket paperback edition became available at gigs and book parties.

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The ebook is also available from Redriff Press on Amazon, Google Play and Kobo. There are free apps for phones, tablets and PCs:

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