In a few venture, a poem was written to document a trombone poetry performance: a brief set for Alison Clayburn‘s Rotherhithe Voices 15 at Deli Felice, whose theme was Celestial Bodies.


geostationary over Rotherhithe
this satellite memento
of astronomical poetry
aligned with music

stellar distance depicted
the Moon revisited
thinking the world
with Greek geometry

a ship launched without naming
after the swig of a bottle
became an orbital improvisation
in homage to Sun Ra

a passing poem
outweighed astrology
in luminous defiance
of the meme-struck

what was flung out for hearing
now memorialized
crystallized in some kind of craft
for future adventure.


© Paul Taylor 2019

The set included a spontaneous piece dedicated to Sun Ra, which was recorded live and edited, named and uploaded to Soundcloud the day after. If you choose to listen, beware that Soundcloud will then jump immediately afterwards to some other sounds.

There is also a short video of the original performance of Sun Rasp.