Trombonicle 6

Fig. 1. Sunata for Trombone and Solar Flares (photo thanks to John L. Waters)

Fig. 1. Sunata for Trombone and Solar Flares (photo thanks to John L. Waters)

June blasted off with a Click Beetle gig at Belair House in Dulwich, playing another set of original tunes such as Peckham Roy, Shimmy and Red Lion Ramble. The trio is in search of a new residency and any odd gigs that would suit a creative, melodious ensemble.

Exploring new territory, trombone poetry travelled to Bow for a gig at Eastbeat in Kingsley Hall, formerly the home of a famous therapeutic experiment run by R. D. Laing. These monthly events are worth keeping an eye on, and are very ably presented by John “Jazzman” Clarke. A video of the trombone poetry set has recently emerged.

Rodger's Party

Fig.2. Rodger’s Party

Morley Jazz Orchestra played The Stonehenge Suite, G-bop Orchestra bonged and banged, The hKippers ran wild and John Eacott’s sun sonification, Hour Angle, unfolded out in Gillett Square, overseen by a pinkish moon. It was Solstice At The Vortex in Dalston, and trombone poetry unveiled new works for the occasion: the poems, Up Above and Midsummer, plus the Sunata for Trombone and Solar Flares. (see Fig. 1)

This event sparked an invitation to perform at Rodger’s Party, a festival on a farm in Sussex, where the trombone poetry offering included a few sawns and addages, and a new poem, Wardrobes. (see Fig. 2)

The hKippers ran wild.

Sunday 10th July, 16:00

trombone poetry + Hither Green Improvising Group et al.


Arts Cafe
Manor Park
London SE13 5QZ

suggested donation: £5

Saturday 16 July, 20:00

Roberto Pla + 20-piece orchestra


30 Years of Latin Music in London inspired by Fania All-Stars

Barbican Centre
Silk St
London EC2Y 8DS

Monday 1 August 20:30 start

Mick Collins Modern Jazz Orchestra


St Mark’s Rd

admission: £6


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