Book Party / Rotherhithe

book party posterAt last, we’re under way with the first Book Party. Isn’t that just a book launch? No, it’s better than that. Why? Because it’s not a one-night-only event: there’ll be others in other parts of the world, in case you were far too busy to get to this one.

There’ll be a few hootings, a few tellings, and some convivial chat. It won’t go on all evening, as Deli Felice has not been re-opened for very long, and we don’t want to overdo things.

It would be great to see you, especially if you’ve never seen the paperback.

A PDF of the poster is available, if that’s of any interest, or you’re feeling helpful. Many thanks!

Cafe Deli Felice
40 Albion Street
SE16 7JQ

Gathering our wits at about 5:30, starting about 6:00.

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