chronicle: May 2014

A new poem, Adverse, about a disastrous casting call, was aired at Passing Clouds during a trombone poetry set kindly planned as a warm-up for a Latin jazz set by Tumbaito. It’s a broad-minded place, so the plan seemed to work, like last time.

Doing a similar set in the middle of Robert Juritz’s Jazz Jam at the New Cross Inn also worked, to some extent, if you don’t count a slightly bossy heckler who eventually faded and flounced out when he was universally ignored.

Click Beetle shared the bill with Astrakan at Ryans Bar: a rare chance to read a couple of poems in a Stoke Newington cellar.

The second Click Beetle gig at the Calthorpe Arms also included a diversionary poem, and there may be more at the next appearance there on June 5th.

It has been tricky to fit trombone poetry gigs into the calendar recently, but more writing and scheming is on the way.


Tuesday 27 May, 21:00

trombone poetry + The Near Jazz Experience


33 Whitechapel Road

E1 1DT

Thursday 5 June 2014, 18:30-20:30

Click Beetle

The Calthorpe Arms

252 Grays Inn Road



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