Trombonicle 7 / Bede

A joy it was to offer a set in July at the 9th Linear Obsessional Live, in that hidden oasis, the Arts Cafe in Manor Park, near Hither Green. Richard Sanderson presides, and gathered around him the splendid Hither Green Improvising Group: himself on melodeon and toys, Phil Hollins on guitar, and Tim Yates on monochord and whatnot. They apparently create new music using ether.

The other treat was the duo of Steve Beresford on the house pianner and the remarkable Mandhira De Saram scintillating away on the fiddle. Must investigate her Ligeti Quartet.

The Blowpipes
The Blowpipes

There was also a brief outburst in August from The Blowpipes Trombone Trio at a Bermondsey charity event, Bede House’s Funday. Raphael Clarkson and I were honoured to have Dan Hewson as a very welcome guest and we hope to lure him back someday to help play the ever-expanding archive of original and classic arrangements we draw from. There are plans afoot to generate more gigs for this neglected ensemble that suffers from managerial sloth.

No such animal will be present on Tuesday at Indo:

Tuesday 13 September, 20:30

trombone poetry + Terry Edwards’ Near Jazz Experience


133 Whitechapel Road

London E1 1DT

free admission

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