chronicle: February 2010

Bobbing about on the Thames at Temple Pier, The Blowpipes launched a jaunty set of tunes and improvisations for the celebrated Boat-Ting, and were declared to be “better than Christmas” by the MC, Sybil Madrigal. Kay Grant Alex Ward unfurled a spellbinding set, and the indefatigable “Jazzman” John Clarke put even more wind in his sails with the help of the inventive sax of Roberto Manzin. The Brain Dead Collective shivered a few timbers to finish off.

At Freedom Of Expression in Croydon, trombone poetry rummaged through the archives for 100 Lines For The Centurion, Quality Street, and other poems, and offered variations on Tochter Zion in tribute to Handel on his birthday. Will Stevens, Cellar Door, and The Sound of The Ladies provided the sing song.

The Blowpipes were chuffed to return to Scaledown and perform Sarah Collins’ much-appreciated composition The Meeting, written for the trio many years ago. No reports can be made about Original Beekeepers, The Fujii, or Riotlounge, due to the need to scarper to St Albans for a rare salsa gig.

This turns out to be Chronicle No.70, the first one being written after a bizarre gig in February 2004 at The Bird’s Nest in Deptford, to which we return at very short notice for only the second time tonight.

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