chronicle: February 2012

Not since the Glue Rooms has trombone poetry been heard at The Amersham Arms in New Cross, so Talking Rhythm‘s invitation to perform in their new niche was especially welcome. Presented by Bernadette Read and John Clarke, the bill included Richard Tyrone Jones, Gary from Leeds and sundry bards, but the highlight was the poetry of Isabel White: sharp, not coarse; witty, not crowd-pleasing.

The Blowpipes Trombone Trio returned to Freedom of Expression at The Green Dragon, with the proper crew, for once: Matthew Benson and Raphael Clarkson. The programme featured a traditional Blowpipes sardana, La Zottlana Ziallera, and the premiere performance of Fantasia, a piece written for us by composer Alan Taylor. (Trombone-friendly musicians are always welcome to write more arrangements or compositions for the Trio.) Roshi Nasehi chanted and enchanted, backed by deftly-prodded electronica from Grahame Dowd.

There was also a short-notice invitation to bring trombone poetry to the Turtle Salon, at the Hardy Tree Gallery, across the road from St Pancras Station. Surrounded by small art works imported from Paris, Nick Cash, on DIY percussion, and Grahame Painting, on guitar, accompanied a series of baffling short films partly projected onto their white boiler suits. After an unscheduled duet for trombone and snare-rattle, trombone poetry offered Amazing Things, Pancrasm and An Impressive Display. A turtle coincidentally poked his head out of a poem.

Pete Williams’ album-launch tour was triumphant. Catch up here:

Wednesday 28 March 21:00

trombone poetry + The Overground Collective + Rachel Musson / Julie Kjaer duo


100 Leonard Street
London EC2A 4RH

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