chronicle: January 2011

Pounding ancient standards from an ancient upright piano, Peter Coldham launched Firesong at The George Tavern, followed by dazzling solo guitar from Mark Coldham. Trombone poetry offered poems inspired by Oulipo to an audience who had heard of Oulipo, this being the George Tavern. James Spankie came fourth and multiplied, keeping himself in the loop.

The Blowpipes rattled the fretwork in The Bird’s Nest with two sets of Sunday afternoon crowd-pleasers ranging from Shostakovich to Candi Staton, in scenes reminiscent of the glories of Durham last year. The promoter would have never seen anything like it, had he been able to fight his way in through the howling multitudes, or from under his duvet.

Pumping ancient standards from an ancient squeezebox, Mike Walter launched folk songs at The Green Dragon, followed by rattling duo brasswork for sax and trombone in the fledgling free/folk combo, ruM. This being an event called Freedom of Expression, they were asking for it.

Tuesday 8 February 20:00-23:00

trombone poetry + Gardens + Terry Edwards’ Near-Jazz Experience + outstanding pizza


133 Whitechapel Road
London E1 1DT

020 7247 4926

Monday 14 February    20:00-23:00

trombone poetry + open mic


21 Old Ford Rd
London E2 9PL

020 8983 3624

Wednesday 23 February    19:00-23:00

trombone poetry + open mic


The Lion
132 Stoke Newington Church Street
London N16 0JX

020 7249 1318

Monday 28 February    19:00-23:00

trombone poetry + ruM + Mouth (Lol Coxhill & Mike Walter)


26 Wenlock Road
London N1 7TA

020 7608 3406

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