chronicle: October 2009

Another night, another back street, brightened up this time by a new venture at the Zenith Bar in Islington: The Analogue Club, hosted by Simon Hardeman and presenting a range of acoustic songsters, from the sweet to the lugubrious, capped by an reportedly fraught (but smooth) combo glorying in the name of I Could Make You So Happy.

This unlikely claim was topped by I Can Hear The Grass Grow, Resonance FM‘s horticultural special, wherein trombone poetry offered a vaguely seasonal bouquet of verbiage at very short notice, together with another absolute world premiere, Aitken’s Acres, for the green-fingered florist himself.

There followed a short trombone poetry tour of Bethnal Green, beginning at The Gallery Café in Old Ford Road, whose fine wine and penne arrabiata eased our way through nervy folk songs and emoting a capella soul. The day after, trombone poetry nipped round the bend to kick off Freak Show, at The Star of Bethnal Green. This was suitably mad, rude and baffling, with stand-up poetry from Sophie Cameron and nautical performance art from The Readers, plus Sarah Ruff as chief barker.

Safely back south of the river, trombone poetry supported Buster Keaton. Elefest provided a tent, The Groovy Movie Picture House, and a film, Keaton’s masterpiece, The General. Sebastiano Genovese provided unfrenetic guitar accompaniment. Long live Elefest!

There’s now a Facebook Page, as well as the Facebook Group.

Let there be dancing.

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