chronicle: October/November 2011

Some dark upset in the laptop’s innards prevented the publication of the October chronicle and November dates, and this bulletin is hardly timely either. We persevere.

All these chronicles are posted and archived on the site/blog, and there are plans to write a lot more blog posts in the New Year, while keeping the mail-out monthly. Blog entries, in turn, are synch’ed with the Farcebook Page, which you are invited to “like”.

The duo, ruM, unleashed more folk music and free improv in the nether regions of The Green Dragon in Croydon, enhanced by a West Country dialect recitation by Mr Mike Walter. Also on the bill was a Freedom Of Expression favourite, Eddie’s Brother. May his plectrum never wilt.

October’s adventures came to a finale at Scaledown, where trombone poetry brandished a fire-engine-red trombone at the Fitzrovian multitude. Sharing the proceedings were Matt Scott’s Squeezebox Jukebox, the Gipsy guitar stylings of Raymond Shine, and the duo of Mike Adcock and Sylvia Hallett, who wielded a saw, in a friendly way.

George Tavern
fork handles sketch

In November, back in Croydon again, The Green Dragon Waltz was improvised by trombone poetry, along with tunes from Speech, the album.

Out East, Jerico Orchestra kindly made space for a trombone poetry set at the George Tavern, which combined new writings and the old Deptford saga, 100 Lines for the Centurion.

There are rumours of a wee tour next year. Do stay in touch.

Monday 5 December        20:30

Mick Collins Big Band + brief trombone poetry set


St. Mark’s Road

admission: £6

Monday 12 December         20:00

trombone poetry + standards/originals with jazz rhythm section + open mic


90 Mycenae Road

admission: £5/£3

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