Trombonicle 20 / Tito Puente

Irrelevant Saltaire photo
Irrelevant Saltaire photo

The last few weeks took trombone poetry to various counties, courtesy of the Charlotte Glasson Quintet, which included this trombone and accommodated regular outbursts of poetry. The venues were the Jazz Cafe in Newcastle upon Tyne, Birmingham Jazz Club and the Ropetackle Arts Centre in Shoreham-by-Sea. More takers for the still-available album, speech. On-the-road sight-seeing was in Saltaire.

The Roberto Pla Latin Ensemble played The Latin Jazz of Tito Puente at the other Jazz Cafe, in Camden, squeezing a big-band onto the stage for an uplifting dance gig that should be a regular event. That band ought to be playing every week: we await offers worthy of this legendary maestro.

There was also a very brief trombone poetry recital at another informal event, Rotherhithe Voices, held at Deli Felice in Albion Street: local poets and short-story writers (as opposed to short story-writers) and the odd songster. The trombone poetry offering featured an impromptu poem about a delayed beer, which will no doubt be repeated (the poem, not the delay) at Indo.

Harry Strutters Hot Rhythm Orchestra spent a day in a studio recording umpteen jazz standards. The new album will not be quite ready for Saturday, but you can hear all those tunes live onstage. The album launch / lunch will be announced hereabouts.

Saturday 28 July, 19:30 start

Harry Strutters Hot Rhythm Orchestra


The Queens Theatre
Billet Lane
RM11 1QT

Tuesday 31 July 20:30

trombone poetry + Near Jazz Experience


133 Whitechapel Road
London E1 1DT

free admission

Sunday 5 August 13:00 – 16:00

Chris Kibble, piano + Paul Taylor, trombone


403 London Rd

Monday 6 August, 20:00 doors, 20:30 start

Mick Collins Legacy Jazz Orchestra

Sundridge Park Working Mens Club and Institute
134 Burnt Ash Lane
Bromley BR1 5AF


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