Trombonicle 55 / sail pitch

Hackney WickIt’s been a while, again, but the scheming has continued, along with a fair amount of scrawling and scribbling. In the midst of all that, laughably overdue, like many things, came the discovery of two nice reviews of Better Late Than Sorry on Goodreads. Bright spots in a dim season.

The last Trombonicle fanfared a rare return to Boat-Ting, where a scintillating Dominic Lash forsook his double bass for electric guitar, despite all that water, and three enigmatic gentlemen under a BBC flag shivered the timbers of a couple of tables freighted with springs, tings, dings, pings and things.

Alison Clayburn rounded up some of the local wildlife for the revival of Rotherhithe Voices at Deli Felice, the first since the plague descended, hence Resurrection. New sprouts and varieties thereof; things that were short and thoughtful, things that were loooooooong.

There should be quite a bit more Trombone Poetry action next month, but this month we have an unexpected invitation to wobble on a pontoon for a couple of hours outside a former sausage factory. It’s a great venue, with a great view, and it’s on Sunday, with or without your bonnets. Should be a good excuse to launch some more marinet poems and play Hackney Wit.



Better Late Than Sorry: paperback
Paperbacks at all these events!

Sunday 9 April, 13:00 start, subject to tides

Trombone Poetry + Williams Cumberbache, percussion + ?



98C Main Yard, Wallis Road, Hackney Wick, London, E9 5LN

near Hackney Wick Overground Station


Monday 10 April, 20:00 doors, 20:30 start

Mick Collins Legacy Jazz Orchestra

Sundridge Park Working Mens Club and Institute

134 Burnt Ash Lane, Bromley BR1 5AF

not that near Sundridge Park Station

Wednesday 12 April, 19:00

A Bigger MOUTH 

– improvising ensemble comprising some of these players:

Alan Wakeman : saxophones
Gabriel Keen : piano & keyboard
Mark Roberts : percussion
Mike Walter : saxophone & synthesiser
Paul Taylor : trombone
Lu Edmonds : cumbus

Hundred Years Gallery

13 Pearson St., London E2 8JD

near Hoxton Wick Overground Station

Sunday 23 April, 19:30

John Bennett Band

The Eleanor Arms

460 Old Ford Road, Bow, London E3 5JP

near Fish Island

Saturday 29 April, 19:30

Harry Strutters Hot Rhythm Orchestra


The Quarry Theatre

26 St Peters St, Bedford MK40 2NN

near London


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