chronicle: August 2012

For various reasons, including a few adventures with The Vintage Tea Dance Orchestra, there was only one outburst of trombone poetry this month. This was in the bowels of The Clarendon Hotel in Blackheath, where this trombone also joined in with Phil Mead on piano, John Webb on drums and the legendary Dave Silk on bass.

In amongst standards such as Mean to Me and Blue Skies, poems such as Terminus and A Great Deal were aired.

The room was not overpopulated, but, to our great surprise, someone managed to winkle out the hotel’s resident poet, who unfurled a few rhymes.

Blackheath: gateway to the East.


Tuesday 4 September 21:00

trombone poetry + James Byron + Rosalie Deighton


91-93 Great Eastern St
London EC2A 3HZ

0207 613 4228

Sunday 23 September 16:00

The ART Pack:

Graham MacKeachan, Double Bass & Found Objects; Grassy Noel, Words; Paul Shearsmith, Pocket Trumpet & Percussion; Mike Walter, Saxophone & Melodeon; Paul Taylor, Trombone & Poetry; Keisuke Matsui, Xylophone, Electric Guitar & Saw


40 Saint Peters Road
CT10 2AP

01843 447 033

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