chronicle: December 2008

The nameless duo project with pianist/composer/poet Frances Knight was presented for the second time, this time at The Word in The Good Food Café in Canterbury. Hosted by Lorraine Kashdan-Lougher, the event also featured David Nettleingham and Christopher Hobday from Conversation Poetry Quarterly and some bumptious bow-tied geezer. Well worth a visit, not least for the food.

Not quite so far Out East, trombone poetry was among the celebrants of the last Spoonful Of Poison gig at The Rhythm Factory in Whitechapel Road. Vis the Spoon presided over a typical ragbag of talents, including a new version of Victor Borge. The weekly event has now moved to The Legion in Old Street.

At short notice, trombone poetry was re-invited to The Riflemaker Gallery in Beak Street, Soho, for an event inspired by an exhibition there of art works by the experimental writer William Burroughs. A glimpse of the effect of a handful of bards reciting simultaneously can be had on Youtube, thanks to Cat Catalyst.

Finally, we note with great regret the demise of Adrian Mitchell, with whom trombone poetry shared the bill at the Manchester Literature Festival in October, which was probably his last public performance. Two samples are available on the trombone poetry channel. He will be sorely missed.

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