chronicle: January 2009

To tram-crossed Croydon, for another stint at the admirable Freedom Of Expression at The Green Dragon. Sharing the bill with trombone poetry were familiar-but-fresh sparring partner Eddie’s Brother, Tom Janssen, who kindly played the guitar without singing, and the mordant Superman Revenge Squad, who did both.

We headed north for parkroadpilot at the packed-out Old Boys Hall in Dalston, where trombone poetry had to follow a nicely deranged performance by Seke Chimutengwende, and was in turn followed by a top hat at the piano. Parkroadpilot never fails.

Now, a note about trombones. After five years of cryogenic storage somewhere in Rotherhithe, the project that engendered trombone poetry has been revived: The Blowpipes are back! Fellow founders, Mark Bassey and John Harborne scarpered long ago, to Brighton and Brazil respectively, but we have secured the services of two rising stars, Katarzyna Kuchnicka and Matthew Benson. We hope you become fans of the new trio, and flock to the very brief debut show early in the evening on the 26th.

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