chronicle: February 2009

Ploughing through the throngs of Shoreditch thrill-seekers, trombone poetry visited the Jago Gallery & Bar for a new monthly poetry and acoustic music night co-hosted by David Amery and Jazzman John Clarke. There was muffled poetry and audible heckling, a banjo, a motivational speech and plenty more to tickle the fancy on a Saturday night.

PoetryFilm hosted an event in the Curzon Cinema bar, in Soho. Cat Catalyst spoke twice at once, and folk at the bar spoke all the time, but there were films worth seeing and friendly punters.

The Blowpipes Trombone Trio had a grand time with the first gig for years, at the Fused Lounge Bar in Lee High Road. Clarke the Ubiquitous kindly presided, and held forth with his own sax/guitar combo. Dan Maitland, a trombone poetry favourite, read poems instead of singing: an unexpected treat.

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