chronicle: June 2009

Once again, trombone poetry headed south to the lofty home of Freedom Of Expression at The Green Dragon in Croydon. This was the occasion to recite some new “foundlings“, concocted on a tour of Japan earlier in the month. Mike Halliwell brought more refined melancholia, US singer Jesse James did his best to steal the show, and the multi-stringed Laveer charmed to the finish.

At a secluded location in leafy Kent, trombone poetry revealed more than the average musician at the Naturist Foundation Jazz Festival. This was a very sunny affair, brightened further by a magnificent beer tent, boasting Old Peculier, among other treats. A grab bag of jazz poetry was hooted out to the tanned multitude. Album sales could have been better, but it was apparent fairly early on that no-one had brought any money.

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