chronicle: May 2009

A chuffed return to The Arts Theatre Club in Soho for The Orchestra Pit, wherein trombone poetry sparred with Led Bib and Nought, the latter ensemble perhaps a little too self-deprecating. This Frith Street jig was so cool the air-conditioning dumped a pool of water in front of the stage, a fluid quantity dwarfed by the generous wine measures.

At The Klinker, some wag distracted the elephant-trainer while his stooge spiked the star turn’s drink with syrup of figs, with momentous consequences. The nervous paper-tearing act, rehearsing quietly in the corner was mistaken for an emergency loo-roll dispenser, all of which ended in tears and tears. Attempts were made to dig out an unlucky salsa dance instructor, but abandoned after a tense 1.25 seconds when rescuers were overcome with euphoria.

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