chronicle: June 2014

Perhaps to alleviate the pressure of standing in for Mark Bassey again in her band, Charlotte Glasson made room for the odd sample of trombone poetry at Birmingham Jazz Club and at a Schmazz gig in Newcastle. This was a good opportunity to share a few addages, sawns and whatnot beyond London, along with the poetry. The sawns went well with Charlotte’s saw solo.

Photo courtesy of Lurca
Photo courtesy of Lurca

There was also a return visit to Whitechapel’s Indo Bar, where a poem about the art being exhibited (mostly dog photos) was scribbled out before the pizza arrived, to be unleashed later on. Terry Edwards’ The Near Jazz Experience was then graced by a pBone.

Sunday 20 July 20:00

trombone poetry + Phil McDonnell and 14 piece band

album launch gig to promote the release of Phil’s new album, Glass Creatures

The Ivy House
40 Stuart Road
SE15 3BE

admission: £5

Thursday 5 June 2014, 18:30-20:30

Click Beetle

(Paul Taylor: trombone, tunes; Ayo Akintonwa: guitar; Paul Hookham: drums)

The Calthorpe Arms
252 Grays Inn Road


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