Robots Rebooted

more robotsAfter an amusing moment last year when Robots rocketed to #1 in Amazon’s Robotics chart a couple of days after its launch, the apparent triumph of the book quickly faded. Regardless of all that, the plan was to continue following robotics news and to see if more poems could be written.

This week, the second edition has been engineered, doubling the contents, so we will be excitedly tracking the figures for signs of another meteoric moment.

Why would anyone write such a book? It’s a modest contribution to the realm of art science or an offering to the toilers in creative computing or even a heckle in the direction of the philosophy of artificial intelligence.

All in all, it will be an ideal read for those who inhabit that buzzing intersection of the set of aficionados of contemporary poetry and the set of devotees of robotics research. A publishing goldmine.

Those of you who have already downloaded the first edition will have to delete their copy from their device and then download it again to receive the second edition. Updating is not automated, unfortunately. Don’t blame the robots.

Oh look!

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