Trombonicle 48 / prospects

After a fair amount of gadding about in July, the August plan looks more relaxed, but with no trombone poetry adventures, unless there are sudden invitations to tour the Highlands or appear at the Proms.

It was a rare treat to play Roland Perrin’s music again. No doubt he’ll be heard at the Proms one day, when the directors wake up.

The ravages of coronavirus have dented the prospects of various theatres up and down the country, so after the successful show at Sevenoaks Festival there’ll be nothing now from Harry Strutters Hot Rhythm Orchestra and Swinging at the Cotton Club until the end of the year, though there’ll be more action early in the New Year.

Mike Walter’s band, MOUTH, has enjoyed a great residency at Hundred Years Gallery and we should be back there in September. The venue is also now stocking a few copies of Better Late Than Sorry.

The gigs in Peckham at CLF Art Lounge & Roof Garden with the Roberto Pla Latin Jazz Ensemble have been amazing so far. There are two left: next Saturday and the one after. Bring a Panama hat.

This month, Click Beetle suddenly lurched into life again, for a private function. There may be news of the odd gig next month. Who’d’ve thunk it?


AUGUST DATES : please click links for more details.

Be warned: Better Late Than Sorry will of course be available at all these events!

Mick Collins posterMonday 1 August, 20:00 doors, 20:30 start

Mick Collins Legacy Jazz Orchestra

Sundridge Park Working Mens Club and Institute

134 Burnt Ash Lane
Bromley BR1 5AF

Download the poster:





Saturday 6 August, 13:00

Roberta Pla Latin Jazz Ensemble

CLF Art Lounge & Roof Garden

4a Station Way
London SE15 4RX






Friday 26 August

The Yiddish Twist Orchestra

Towersey Festival

Claydon Estate, Bucks.

Wednesday 31 August

Nolita Golding ‘Soulful Latin Live Experience’

Pizza Express 

99 High Holborn


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