Trombonicle 6 / solstice

Fig. 1. Sunata for Trombone and Solar Flares (photo thanks to John L. Waters)
Fig. 1. Sunata for Trombone and Solar Flares (photo thanks to John L. Waters)

June blasted off with a Click Beetle gig at Belair House in Dulwich, playing another set of original tunes such as Peckham Roy, Shimmy and Red Lion Ramble. The trio is in search of a new residency and any odd gigs that would suit a creative, melodious ensemble.

Exploring new territory, trombone poetry travelled to Bow for a gig at Eastbeat in Kingsley Hall, formerly the home of a famous therapeutic experiment run by R. D. Laing. These monthly events are worth keeping an eye on, and are very ably presented by John “Jazzman” Clarke. A video of the trombone poetry set has recently emerged.

Rodger's Party
Fig.2. Rodger’s Party

Morley Jazz Orchestra played The Stonehenge Suite, G-bop Orchestra bonged and banged, The hKippers ran wild and John Eacott’s sun sonification, Hour Angle, unfolded out in Gillett Square, overseen by a pinkish moon. It was Solstice At The Vortex in Dalston, and trombone poetry unveiled new works for the occasion: the poems, Up Above and Midsummer, plus the Sunata for Trombone and Solar Flares. (see Fig. 1)

This event sparked an invitation to perform at Rodger’s Party, a festival on a farm in Sussex, where the trombone poetry offering included a few sawns and addages, and a new poem, Wardrobes. (see Fig. 2)

The hKippers ran wild.

Sunday 10th July, 16:00

trombone poetry + Hither Green Improvising Group et al.


Arts Cafe
Manor Park
London SE13 5QZ

suggested donation: £5

Saturday 16 July, 20:00

Roberto Pla + 20-piece orchestra


30 Years of Latin Music in London inspired by Fania All-Stars

Barbican Centre
Silk St
London EC2Y 8DS

Monday 1 August 20:30 start

Mick Collins Modern Jazz Orchestra


St Mark’s Rd

admission: £6


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