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September’s visit to the Hundred Years Gallery with A Bigger MOUTH featured extra input from the electric intricacies of guest guitarist Dave Draper. The ensemble’s new recordings will be unleashed this winter and life will shift.

Williams Cumberbache’s Tumbaito achieved a re-boot at Grow, with the robust and skillful support of Roland Perrin, Dave Bitelli, Ruben Ramos, Billy Rowlett and guests, Omar Puente and Luis Ferrer. Someday, new recordings ought to emerge from here too.

Also revived at 229 (Great Portland St), from even further back, was a batch of Latin jazz numbers from Snowboy’s 30-year-old album, Something’s Coming, including 42nd & Broadway, Anarchy in the UK, Greetings from Southend-on-Sea and Andy Lafone’s Dream State. This was meant to be an unrepeated performance, but now we’ve heard them again, who knows?

Pete WilliamsA highlight of the month was a trip to The House of St Barnabas in Soho. The musical association with Pete Williams goes even further back than Snowboy’s crew, so I jumped at the chance to hear Pete play a stunning set of his inspiring and moving songs in a drumless trio onstage in the chapel. Get the albums!

One fine day, we might manage a joint effort again.

And speaking of joint efforts, a new book of poems will be upon us in a few weeks.

Better Late Than Sorry paperbackOCTOBER GIGS



Paperbacks at all these events!

Monday 2 October, 20:00 doors, 20:30 start

Mick Collins Legacy Jazz Orchestra

Sundridge Park Working Mens Club and Institute

134 Burnt Ash Lane, Bromley BR1 5AF

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Wednesday 17  October, 19:00 start

A Bigger MOUTH

– improvising ensemble:

Gabriel Keen : piano & keyboard
Mark Roberts : percussion
Paul Taylor : trombone
Lu Edmonds : cumbus
Mike Walter : sax, synthesizer

Hundred Years Gallery

13 Pearson St., London E2 8JD

near Hoxton Overground Station

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